ANC aims to dribble DA in cabinet power-sharing

The ANC believes it’s going to suffocate the DA when the two parties get to the negotiation table over national executive positions.
This after the two parties successfully captured key positions in parliament as well as the highest political office in the land. It all happened at the first national assembly sitting in parliament on Friday.
In a coalition that has been disguised as a Government of National Unity (GNU), the parties have now set their sights on sharing the spoils in the cabinet, with the ANC having the upper hand.
DA eyeing Agriculture, Trade, and Industry
Sunday World has learned that the DA is targeting, among other positions, the key departments of agriculture, trade, and industry.
This despite the fact that the ANC is planning to lock the portfolios in the economic and security clusters.
ANC leaders say they will dribble the DA into the cabinet. This after capturing the National Assembly speaker and National Council of Provinces chair positions.
“We are done with them; we are in charge of this thing, chief. And the DA is new to this game; we will show them in the cabinet,” said a prominent ANC leader.
“They will not get what they think they will get, but remember that the president is ours. He draws the mandate from the ANC ranks. Despite the fact that this national government is one of national unity.”
The DA, after much push to take control of the legislature, finished second fiddle. This after the ANC refused to give them the position of Speaker.
According to insiders, the DA was seeking legislative control. This was to haul ANC politicians over the coals and claim the moral high ground of fighting corruption.
But the Luthuli House outfit put its foot down and relegated the DA to second place. With only the deputy speaker to show.
ANC experience in negotiations
“The ANC has long been involved in tough negotiations since Codesa. So our experience is not to be underestimated. What does the DA leader know about negotiation? He is wet behind the ears,” said an ANC GNU negotiator.
“We see those saying we got the raw deal, but we actually won. And we will continue winning even when we form the national executive.”
Mbalula confirmed yesterday that the ANC had the upper hand over the DA, which came to the negotiations with “red lines.”
This newspaper has heard that Ramaphosa will appoint his ANC deputy, Paul Mashatile, to be his second in command in government. The idea of a second Democratic president has been ditched. This was due to constitutional confusion on the matter.
Ramaphosa will then proceed to populate the economic cluster and security cluster ministries with ANC cadres. This he will do before deciding what to give to the DA and others in the GNU.
“Where we cannot deploy our own in strategic portfolios, we would rather choose from the small parties like the IFP and others. But the DA must not get anything there,” a key Luthuli House informant whispered.
The Patriotic Alliance (PA) demands for the ministry of home affairs to be given to their leader, Gayton McKenzie, has been warmly welcomed within ANC ranks.
ANC leaders informed this publication that there was a high possibility for the PA demand to be met for the ANC’s own strategic reasons.
PA to get Home Affairs as a strategy
“Gayton wants to deport illegal foreigners, a good cause that the ANC has been scared to take up. The question now is, is this not an opportune moment to appoint Gayton Minister of Home Affairs? Because he will do what he has been saying he wants to do. Looking at the character and bravery of the man?” said our mole.
“So if we give him that portfolio, which we should, we will be addressing a national concern through a third party. And if the move backfires on him, Ramaphosa can simply remove him and place him in a different portfolio. And the ANC will still get the brownie points.”
McKenzie has confirmed that he wants Home Affairs. And if he is deployed to an insignificant portfolio, PA will dump the GNU.
On Monday, the ANC national officials are expected to cease the debate over the composition of the national executive. In the meeting, the top seven will also discuss the amalgamation of departments to reduce the size of the cabinet.
This aspect is said to be a challenge, given the GNU arrangement, where some positions will go to other parties. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Gwede Mantashe is expected to return to the same portfolio. This will have more powers with some, because of the mooted alignment of state entities to line departments.



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