Progressive Caucus is still willing to join GNU – Zungula

ATM leader Vuyo Zungula has confirmed that the Progressive Caucus was stilling willing to join Government of National Unity as a collective.

This comes after the caucus lost half of its members to the GNU.
No common ground

Zungula said the Progressive Caucus continued to challenge the policies that the GNU’s already existing members stand for, insisting that they do not share much in common with other parties.

He expressed disappointment as three of the six founding members jumped the caucus ship for the NGU. These include Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), United Democratic Movement (UDM), and Al Jama-Ah.

He accused the Al Jama-Ah for wanting to play for both sides. Zungula said the caucus would still discuss how parties would balance between being in government while also holding fellow members accountable.

Lacking firm backbone

He said this was unexpected. However, it exposed the parties that do not stand firm to being an opposition to the government.

Zungula said it was devastating that leaders still chased positions instead of using their time to hold the government accountable.

“Thing is that when everyone now joins the Government of National Unity then no one will hold the government accountable in parliament because everyone would be in chasing what they want,” said Zungula.

He said this rather opened space for political parties in parliament that are willing to join forces.

He said the uMkhonto weSizwe (MKP) showed interest in forming part of the Progressive Caucus. MKP, he said, was also be working on approaching all other parties in parliament to join forces.

“There are a lot of things that we don’t stand for and should be fixed or we continue with what we are doing, the way we are doing it.

“The purpose of the Progressive Caucus from its inception has always been to hold the government accountable. As to holding government accountable when we are also part of GNU, we will cross that bridge when we get there,” said Zungula.

Zungula said ATM remains firm to the purpose of the Progressive Caucus. He reaffirmed that the party would not independently join the GNU, as initially agreed by all parties.

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