Zuma hits back at Zondo

Former President Jacob Zuma has launched a scathing attack on Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, saying the jurist was not above the law.

On Monday, Zondo said Zuma failed to depose an affidavit to respond to testimony that placed him at the centre of the state capture project.

Zuma had been scheduled to testify before the commission between Monday up to Friday.

But his attorneys wrote to the commission stating that the former statesman was unable to appear, as he was preparing for his corruption trial.

This infuriated Zondo, who charged that a decision on whether to subpoena Zuma would be announced on 9 October, adding that the former was now expected to come before the commission from 16-20 November.

“This inquiry does not negotiate dates with witnesses. The inquiry fixes the dates and people appear,” the Zondo said.

“The application brought by the inquiry’s legal team for the issuing of a summons against Mr Zuma will proceed on October 9, with or without his legal representatives,” he added.

Zuma has hit back at Zondo, saying the judge’s utterances were an attack on him and his legal representatives and were “absolutely unjustified and prejudicial”.

In a strongly worded statement, the Jacob Zuma Foundation said Zondo lacked the courage when faced with some people who have refused to appear before the commission.

“The foundation calls upon the Chairperson to be consistent in dealing with witnesses, to be fair to President Zuma, even if he has already found him guilty. By calling the media conference, the chairperson has jeopardized a great opportunity for cooperation,” the foundation said.

“We believe that it serves no purpose to call an implicated person  you have already judged while you refuse to call other witnesses simply because  their testimony contradicts your brief or narrative you seek to confirm,” the foundation added.

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