TV actress pays through the nose for divorce settlement

A popular television actress’s failed marriage has cost her almost half-a-million rands. Sunday World can exclusively reveal that the talented thespian has paid her ex-husband R360 000 in spousal maintenance and splurged R120 000 for his furniture.

 These amounts were for his rent and furniture because he was at the time of their failed union in straitened circumstances.

The startling titbits are contained in the settlement agreement and application for the couple’s a decree of divorce submitted in the Joburg high court by the actress’s lawyers.

 The settlement figure comes nowhere near the R10 000 per month television presenter Minnie Dlamini’s ex-husband, Quinton Jones, reportedly demanded from her as part of his spousal maintenance until he is financially self-sufficient.

 Jones’ alleged demand became a trending topic on social media.

 According to the papers, which we have seen, the actress and her ex-husband married a few years ago.

The former Skeem Saam actress issued divorce summons early last year against her then-husband.

 The actress and her ex-hubby, who cannot be named for legal reasons,  signed the settlement agreement in November last year.

 “In terms of cause 3 of the settlement agreement, the plaintiff agreed to pay the defendant a once-off spousal maintenance  sum of R360 000 towards his

“In terms of  clause 4, the plaintiff agreed to pay the defendant the sum of R120 000, towards his furniture and household necessities.

 “The plaintiff has already complied with clause 3 and 4 of the divorce settlement agreement and made a total payment of R480 000 to the defendant,” read the papers.

 The couple has also attached the actress’s proof of payment to the papers, which show that she paid the agreement amount in two tranches.

The first instalment of R240 000 was transferred to her ex-husband’s nominated account on November 15 last year and the remaining quantum on November 20.

The former model’s lawyers said because the ex-couple had no children, there was no need for compliance with any provision for the summons to be referred and endorsed by the family advocate.

They both asked for the decree of divorce to be granted and the settlement agreement to be made final.

 The actress’s lawyer, Mabu Marweshe of Marweshe Attorneys, confirmed he acted on behalf of the actress.

“We can confirm that we acted on behalf of the actress on the matter, but we are unable to discuss the details of the settlement agreement because they are a confidential matter ,” he said.

Attempts to solicit comment from the actress drew a blank as she ignored our phone calls and text messages.

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