TV star tackles Methodist clergy, calls them ‘stupid and clowns’

Reality TV star Nandi Mlombi has written to senior clergymen of the Methodist Church and called them stupid and clowns, and said they should focus on the church’s sex scandal, where a senior church leader ate the forbidden fruit of Eden with the husband of a congregant.

Nandi, who is the famous face on the DStv’s reality show, Pastors Wives on Honey TV, was reacting to a barrage of charges preferred against her by senior leaders of the Methodist Church in the Johannesburg East circuit court, for allegedly using the missionary house she lived in with her children and husband in Bedfordview to film the TV show. The men of cloth, who include Fred Smith, Nombeko Langeni, Sbongile Ngubonde and M Giyimah, wrote a letter of complaint to the Methodist Church district disciplinary registrar advocate Samukele Mkhize on February 10, asking him to haul Nandi, the wife of Reverend Mawuzole Mlobi, before the disciplinary hearing tomorrow for her alleged violation of church rules.

They claimed that between 2021 and 2023 they witnessed and experienced a series of incidents of how Nandi and her family behaved badly while participating on the TV show.

“On 25 February 2021 the filming was taking place at the Manse at 2A De Wet Street and would move to the church in Bedfordview to film Rev Mlombi in his office. The church administrator contacted the society stewards, circuit stewards and superintendent Rev Vuyo Ngonyama with a request to proceed. The superintendent rushed down to the Bedfordview church and Rev Mlombi was informed that the filming crew would not be allowed onto the premises and should also not film at the Manse House,” read the letter of complaint.

They also alleged Nandi had been derogatory on the show while wearing the uniform of Women’s Manyano, an organisation of women within the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, which they said she was not an accredited member of. They further said they had addressed the matter to the Bedfordview Society Stewards and expressed their disappointment and disapproval of Nandi and her husband for their role in the show.

“Rev Mlombi felt his wife was entitled to an opinion and could work wherever she wished. “The stewards felt that Mrs Mlombi would never have been offered a role unless she was married to a minister and her being married to Rev Mlombi gave her access to the show.

“After heated discussions Rev Mlombi stated that his family would not be participating further in the show,” said stewards. However, they said, Nandi continued to defy the church mandarins and proceeded to shoot season 2 of the show, and attempts to stop her fell on deaf ears. They said Nandi mercilessly attacked Ngonyama, his children, family and the church at large in the show. They alleged that tension between Ngonyama and Nandi as well as Mawuzole became hostile and ugly, and the matter was taken to the District Bishop Faith Whitby to intervene.

After receiving a charge sheet, Nandi lost it and wrote WhatsApp messages to Whitby saying: “You are annoying stupid Faith.

“I’ve never seen such a stupid person in my life. Put your energy on the Ncombo case, which I will be witness to soon, and don’t forget (name withheld) f***cking a congregant husband. Yoooh you’re a clown. She fired another text at Mkhize’s direction: “Tell Faith and her minions that this is where they should have started. I don’t have time for nonsense.”

Nandi told Sunday World she would not take the matter lying down and she would deal with Whitby in particular.

“I remember saying perhaps female leadership is the best thing that’s ever happened to the Methodist Church, little did I know they are headless chickens taking orders from men with satanic agendas. The Methodist Church is not a farm,” she said. 

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