Shwashwi: Escape from Jozi madness

The one good thing that came along with the end of Covid-19 restrictions is outdoor events. There’s just something about being out in the open air that spells freedom.

Shwa took a short drive to Ground The Venue to celebrate Amarula’s new offering of an Ethiopian Coffee blend. The organizers here need to hook a girl up, cos man did they nail the setup.

And it was wonderful to see people actually adhering to the dress code for a change. Natural earth colours was the calling and it blended in perfectly with the surroundings.

It was like a full day in the countryside, away from the madness of Jozi. Indulging in Master Mixology classes to enjoying food all infused with Amarula. Bliss!

Entertained by a trio of DJs who go by the name of Homie. Lover. Friend, and singing along to the critically acclaimed artist Bongeziwe Mabandla.

But Shwa underestimated the influencer’s life. It’s a full-time job. Iyho! With some of these girls doing acrobatic moves in the letters at the entrance looked like quite a challenge. All for the perfect picture. Like when do you guys get to actually enjoy yourselves?

It was refreshing to see Thuli Phongolo (she’s shorter in stature). She looked cute as a button dressed in baby pink from head to toe. Pity about sandals paired with stockings, though.

Thuli Phongolo

Did Shwa miss the memo to wear strappy doll-like shoes? But na, I’m glad I wasn’t wobbling over cobblestones looking like I’m about to break my ankles. Ladies should stop suffering for beauty in them heels.

And what was with the summer outfit, Lazy Makoti? Shwa understands you tried to embrace that whole African look, but it was cold, nana. Hope you didn’t catch cold.

On the flip side, your dinner menu infused with Amarula was off the chain. Someone should tell Thobi Rose that the chiskop vibe was made just for her. The girl looks regal with all that beauty.

Michelle Mosalakae

Michelle Mosalakae is just too kind for words. And she’s looking better than ever. And speaking of actresses, can someone sign up influencer Twazzy already. The girl has so much sexy going on she can give Faith Nketsi a run for her money.


So the introduction of the Ethiopian Coffee flavour celebrates the unique taste of Africa as Ethiopia is the birthplace of the coffee bean. It was quite fitting then for Shwa to get a first-hand lesson of just how coffee is brewed in those parts. From burning essential oils and witnessing the engaging ritual, the brew that was served was better than any espresso ever experienced.

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