Shwashwi: Risking pneumonia in search of hot gossip

While the country is waiting for Mohale Motaung’s highly anticipated interview to air, your girl in gossip was out in the cold risking getting pneumonia.

It is sad to be a party girl while many girls were making bad decisions under blankets.
I was out in the streets looking for gossip.

Guess I will be reaping my rewards in summer when summer bodies will be on full display, while others are chasing baby daddies for child support.

This past week, I found myself partying with Chinese people. No, I was not in China Town, darlings, I was with famous celebs whose names I will keep in our gossip vault for now.

There is a new cellphone in town, and it is called Honor. I was part of the VIP guests who saw the new phone firsthand. I nearly fainted when I found out that it does not come cheap.

Thanks to my party gods for the hunk who was standing behind me. He saved me from falling but I must say I fell for him.

Back to business, I must admit the phone looks and feels amazing and takes perfect pictures, good for influencers and slay queens. Pity, it was not part of my goody bag.

The party was held on the rooftop in Illovo. The food was enough to feed the entire cast of Sarafina. I won’t even go to the booze budget at some point, I was speaking mandarin, and I kept calling one of the executives Jackie Chan.

Actress Zikhona Sodlaka is forever running away from journalists, acting like a cheater running away from Jub Jub – girl, relax and enjoy the party. There is nothing interesting in your private life worth being in national newspapers.

Zikhona Sodlaka

I spotted the young but brilliant Gomora actor Sicelo Buthelezi, who plays Teddy. Not only is he a talented actor, but he is also a brilliant rapper and musician. He was telling me that his latest single with renewed producer and artist Tony Duardo is doing well on the charts – will take your word for it, for now.

If I was not too lazy to take off my knickers for younger boys, he would be my type, but I will leave that to other cougars.

I must give Ayanda Thabethe her roses for snatching a rich man. The girl is living it up, pushing a Dior baby stroller that cost more than an RDP house. While other sugar mamas are supporting their men, Ayanda is living like a queen.

Still on young and hot talent, my expert eyes also spotted another hottie from Gomora, Ntokozo Sishi, who was also in attendance with his crew. Whoever does casting for Gomora likes them hot, not that I am complaining, though.

Scandal! actress Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong looks cuter and sexier in person – it makes sense why she has been married for so many years.

Mapaseka Koetle

Oh, before I forget, I also spotted singer Holly Rey with a bunch of her black friends sharing a platter, how cute.

As a social minister, I was invited to yet another fabulous event in Sandton on Saturday.
This time it was the opening of the newly revamped pool deck and bar at the Radisson Blu Hotel. It was nothing short of fabulous.

It’s a pity there were no celebs. All I saw were mostly members of the media and a few influencers. Even though I was bored, the marketing manager Stevan Bajic and his team gave us good service.

I was happy when I saw familiar faces like the revived beauty guru, lifestyle editor and businesswoman Alexis Tshangana with the talented fashion designer LSJ.

Thanks for the wonderful experience, Radisson Blu but next time please invite more celebs. Can’t gossip about your staff with their bad make-up. Take Shwa seriously.

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