Shwashwi: Sbahle Mpisane says she is struggling to get that V-shape body

Johannesburg – Fitness bunny, Sbahle Mpisane shared her stomach treatment journey with her followers.

She is apparently struggling to get that V-shape so she is undergoing a fat freezing procedure to freeze her belly fat.

Sbahle has already remodeled her lower core.

She says, “it was vacuumed & absorbed by the suction head with changes of temperature to -5 degrees”.

She did not experience any pains, she said. We are not quite sure about that, it looks painful. Imagine something sucking on your belly like that.

It actually seems like Sbahle is in a rush, why is she not training harder and being patient with her FUPA like she is with her fragile leg?

Clearly, money does buy you happiness.

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