Shwashwi: See celebs who have had a nose job

Who rocks the best of Pinocchio? You choose… Shwa still finds it hard to decide who takes the cup… 1,2,3 go…

  • Connie Ferguson opened the gates to Pinnocchioville in Mzansi all those years ago! Others followed… darn, I miss you in those early Generations episodes way back in the 90s! Still love yaa though, big sis!
Connie Ferguson Instagram
  • Uyanda Mbuli, after all the years, are you still proud of your ‘nosey’ decision to do a Pinocchio? Gotta give it to you, you carry it like a crown, my princess! Those still ‘in the closet’ even though it’s there for Shwa to see… please come on, spill it. How did you go from bumpy to pointer?

  • Queen B, from bumpy to Pinocchio? Just like that? Nough said… a picture paints a thousand words… Shwa still hopes Big Zulu takes you to MaiMai for that much-anticipated date, though…please don’t wear make-up on the date… wanna see something!


  • Princess Terry, you must be thinking ‘how did Shwa come to think I did a Pinocchio?’ Come on baby doll, you think Mwah hasn’t noticed that the ‘flatliner’ you had during Tsotsi days is different to The Bold&The Beautiful’s more ‘refined’ pointer? Just come clean sister, did you do a Pinocchio or not? By the way, happy belated birthday!
Terry Pheto


  • Mother hen Oprah Winfrey, Shwa also needs some answers from you.
Oprah Winfrey

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