Duck is launching a campaign to raise awareness on the national sanitation crises

Duck is launching a campaign to raise awareness on the national sanitation crisis and to support every child’s right to decent sanitation and hygiene on World Toilet Day on the 19 November 2023..

The campaign aims to communicate and raise awareness about the impact of poor sanitation in South African schools and the importance of having access to a clean and safe toilet. The campaign calls on South Africans to fight against unsafe sanitation and poor hygiene in South African schools — a problem affecting children’s ability to learn in dignity, health and safety.

Not only does Duck provide the ultimate toilet cleaning solution, by thoroughly cleaning your toilet bowl and leaving your toilet smelling fresh and fragrant, it also raises awareness and takes action to tackle the sanitation issue we face within school & communities in South Africa.

They have launched a pilot programme in Limpopo for:

  • Refurbishment — funding the building of new toilets at in-need schools across the country
  • Education — teaching good hygiene and sanitation habits in public primary schools in partnership with Tsogang Water and Sanitation and the Department of Education through the school WASH Programme

Having access to a clean and safe toilet is part of our basic human rights and restores our dignities. Being part of the WASH programme means being able to make an impactful contribution in the livelihoods of our people and making sure that the communities they reside in (including schools) are safe and hygienic.

Duck is a brand that is known for its functional usage which is to provide cleansing and fragrance to the toilet. Duck believes in improving the lives of our communities and schools at large.

“World Toilet Day is about highlighting the global sanitation crisis that affects billions of people around the world who are living without access to safe toilets and this is something affecting our local communities as well. As a brand we are joining in the fight to raise awareness about the Global issue and ensure that everybody cares about safe toilets.” Says Lesego Segopolo, Marketing Director (Africa Cluster) – SC Johnson

As we celebrate World Toilet Day, we urge all South Africans to join the fight by taking the pledge. This small action ensures that you as consumer can play an active role in helping solve the sanitation crises. Every Duck product you purchase, helps us make an even greater impact. Visit and be part of the solution.

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