Sascoc demands CSA forensic report

Cricket South Africa (CSA) and the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) appear to be at an impasse, with the former continuing to deny the latter unrestricted access to the forensic report which it used to fire former CEO Thabang Moroe.

Sascoc, which last week instructed CSA’s board and executive to stand down while it appoints a task team to investigate CSA’s affairs, has indicated it will take further action against CSA if the full report is not made available to them.

At a joint press briefing on Thursday, CSA and Sascoc said they were willing to engage with each other but neither appeared willing to change its position.

CSA maintains that it has received legal advice that it is “not in our best interests” to release the full report, according to members’ council member Anne Vilas, while Sascoc acting president Aleck Skhosana said it was “irrational and unreasonable” to deny Sascoc access to the report.

Skhosana also said Sascoc’s task team will not be appointed until CSA presents Sascoc with the full report, which effectively means the status quo remains. Kugandrie Govender is continuing to work as CSA acting CEO, with her full complement of staff, and the CSA board is still in place, despite calls from the South African Cricketers’ Association and sponsors for the board to step down.

The forensic report was made available to the members’ council – the 14 provincial presidents who make up the highest decision-making authority in the organisation – last weekend, subject to them signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

The report contained 20 findings, according to John Mogodi, president of Limpopo Impala Cricket, and contained names of those who are implicated in wrongdoing, according to Vilas.

Exactly what the misconduct is or who has committed it cannot be revealed at this stage, Beresford Williams, CSA’s acting president, said.

CSA has offered Sascoc the full report provided they, too, sign an NDA. However, Sascoc has refused to do so.

Sascoc and CSA have met three times and Skhosana has indicated Sascoc will give CSA a wide berth. “There is no need to read them the riot act,” he said, as CSA is willing to “engage”. – ESPN

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