True reason why Seema was placed on ‘special leave’ by Sekhukhune

The true reasons behind the fallout between Lehlohonolo Seema and Sekhukhune United have been revealed to Sunday World by concerned sources who did not approve of the mentor’s alleged deprecating behaviour towards his boss, Jonas Malatji.

Sources within the team said Seema was put on ice because he accused Malatji of tempering with the pages of his contract and banged the doors in a feat of rage before storming out of the club‘s headquarters in Bedfordview, Gauteng.

Several sources who did not want to be named for fear of victimisation, said Malatji was disappointed with how Seema comported himself and was ruminating about the way forward.

The fresh details contrasted with swirling rumours that the Lesotho international was placed on special leave after protesting that he was not paid his signing-on fee and accommodation fee.

“What we can tell you is that despite stabilising the club and taking them to the fourth spot before yesterday’s penultimate matches, the former Lesotho international may not return to the club in the new season, said the source.

Detailing the incident, an eyewitness said Malatji invited Seema to a meeting where they spoke of his performance at the club‘s headquarters.

“The meeting was held in the board room, where Malatji started off by appreciating Seema’s contribution to taking the club to the top five bracket but asked for improvements. He said he could remain in the top five if he won the remaining game,” said the eyewitness.

During the pow wow, Seema said he was unable to deliver because the club owed him a signing-on fee and accommodation fees.

The astounded Malatji told him that there were no provisions for accommodation or signing on fees in the contract and asked Seema if he had read his contract before putting pen to paper.

Realising the meeting was going to degenerate, Malatji asked his employees to fetch the contract, which they did, after which he went through it with Seeem word for word.

However, Seema would have none of it and accused Malatji of having expunged some of the contract pages.

“Malatji asked him politely if he was accusing him of fraud, but Seema told him that he did not appreciate how he was talking to him.

He then stood up, stormed out of the board room, and banged on the door behind him. Malatji felt this was a deal-breaker and placed him on special leave immediately,” said the witness.

Another source also stated that Seema’s contract had no signing-on fee clause, but only certain percentages for achieving certain goals.

“The contract guaranteed him 10% of the prize money for winning the DStv Premiership title, 5% for winning the official cup competitions, and an additional 5% for winning the CAF Interclub Championship title.

“However, he missed out on all of these payouts because he failed to meet any of these targets.

Sunday World learned that the sheepish Seema has approached the club and extended an olive branch.

“He was remorseful and is trying to apologise for his behaviour. It remains to be seen if Malatji will accept his apology,” said the source. Malatji declined to comment.

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