ANC application challenging MK Party registration dismissed

The Electoral Court has dismissed the ANC’s application to declare the registration of the uMkhonto we Sizwe Party (MKP) as a political party with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) as invalid. 

On Tuesday, the Electoral Court sitting at the Johannesburg High Court said the registration of MKP with the IEC is valid and lawful. 

Judges Lebogang Modiba and Leicester Rock Adams delivered the judgment. Adams said “there is nothing unlawful about the registration of MKP” with the IEC, noting that the ANC’s application was dismissed with no order to pay. 

This means the registration of MKP with the IEC is valid and lawful.

MKP free to contest general elections

The court’s decision paves the way for MKP to contest the May 29 general national and provincial elections.

Inside the courtroom, MKP founder and deputy president, Jabulani Khumalo, listened attentively to the proceedings. 

While Modiba was reading the judgment, midway through, a man dressed in Zulu regalia stood up, raised his hand, and said: “On a point of order.”

This prompted Modiba to instruct him to “please don’t interrupt these proceedings”. The man sat down, and Modiba continued handing down the judgment.

ANC brought application last week

Meanwhile, there was a hive of activity outside the court building as scores of MKP supporters dressed in green party T-shirts sang and chanted struggle songs. 

Another MKP supporter stood outside the court building chained and holding a placard. No ANC supporters could be seen inside or outside the court wearing party regalia. 

The ANC brought the application to declare the registration of MKP as a political party with the IEC as invalid and unlawful last week at the Electoral Court in Bloemfontein, Free State. 

The judgment was initially scheduled to be handed down electronically on Monday at 11am, but was postponed to Tuesday.

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