Black Friday in SA paints a somber mood

Johannesburg – In the year of the pandemic, Black Friday painted a somber mood in South Africa when compared to the shopping frenzy that the country has become accustomed to.

Shopping malls and major retailers such as Makro, Pick n Pay and Checkers have not experienced a huge influx of customers on the biggest shopping event of the year.

This could be because of the pandemic that SA and the rest of the world finds itself in, which possibly resulted in shoppers opting to shop from the comfort of their homes and offices through e-commerce platforms.

Another factor is the devastating impact that Covid-19 has had on the local and global economy, which resulted in citizens keeping their wallets closed and not spending as much as they used to.

Last year, travel and entertainment were some of the popular spend categories leading up to and during Black Friday as people booked flights and holidays for festive season.

However,  this year FNB predicts a shift in popular spend categories as spend patterns have been markedly different since March 2020.

The shift is potentially due to lockdown restrictions and new consumer habits associated with adapting to the new normal in light of Covid-19.

CEO of FNB Card, Chris Labuschagne said, “Our insights show that spend on digital and technology, groceries and home improvement products has been consistently high since the start of lockdown in March this year.  We expect this to continue into Black Friday due to persisting restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. While consumer spend on travel and entertainment has been rising post the hard lockdown, it is unlikely to equate to levels we’ve seen in previous Black Fridays.”

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