Designer finds love while battling cancer

Johannesburg – Celebrity fashion designer Quiteria Lebogang Kekana has found love again during the toughest time of his life, battling rare cancer.

Earlier this year, designer to the stars shared that he had been diagnosed with Multiple Myniola and had been undergoing chemotherapy.

Due to the many specialist visits and treatments, his finances suffered, and he was forced to move back home to his mother’s house in Soweto while seeking donations for medical bills.

The 38-year-old designer is currently recovering well and has started working again while balancing chemotherapy.

Quiteria has also found comfort in the arms of an old flame, model, and TV presenter Behim Xoli, also known as Mr. Juice

“We first met in 2016 and became close friends,” Quiteria says.

“We have been in contact, but we reunited again this year after he heard I was diagnosed with cancer. He has been nothing but a blessing.” Quiteria says.

In the past, Quiteria dated former business partner George Malelu and was later engaged twice to models Phakamani ‘Mario’ Mbele and Sephiri Rasemene.

“That is all in the past. I have learned to choose my relationships wisely,” he says.

“I am tired of dating fans and groupies. Behim was very genuine because he came to me at a time where I was physically weak. I am going to chemotherapy every week, I moved back to my mom’s house in Soweto so I could fully recover, and he has been nothing but supportive during this time,” Quiteria adds.

Behim has been going with him to chemotherapy and helping him at his design studio.

“I am so blessed to have a great team of staff who understand my journey. I am even happier now to have found someone supportive, caring, kind who is not just after money and fame.”

Behim, who is shy and soft-spoken says the relationship happened at a good time.

“I don’t know why but, this feels right. It’s not forced and we connect. We can build each other. Quiteria is recovering well, and I am happy to be with someone who is not afraid to be vulnerable.”

This week the designer travelled to Lusaka Zambia to showcase at the Lusaka July where he showcased 15 garments inspired by his journey with cancer, Africa, spring, and a bright future.

“I’m inspired to get up and fight this demon every day. I am also looking to partner with grocery stores to help donate food to cancer patients in townships and villages,” he says.

“Cancer needs a lifestyle change, and good nutrition and I am seeing a lot of our people suffer and not make it because of diet decisions.”

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