Dousing off the flames of tribalism, mistrust in the workplace

Johannesburg – Tribalism has become a big problem in the workplace where some employees get discriminated based on their tribe.

The National Lotteries Commission is, therefore, putting its foot down in a bid to stamp out this practice.

This, to make sure that the work environment becomes a welcoming and great space to work. Head of Ethics Office at the NLC, Tlhalefang Rapoo, stressed the serious challenge posed by tribalism.

“Tribalism is a big monster in any work environment. Tribalism is an organised syndicate that captures departments and controls the narrative of what they [tribalists] want,” said Rapoo.

“Tribalists create an undesirable work environment as they harbour the interests of controlling others, especially those who do not have a sense of belonging, by creating an environment where the views of those aligned to certain tribes are [considered] superior to others.” He emphasized that teamwork is one way that organisations can use to dismantle tribalism.

According to Dr Janette Minnaar, the founder of Pro Ethics, when there is trust within the team, all works fine. But when people start tearing the team apart for their own personal agendas, the problem sets in and, if not addressed swiftly, everything quickly gets out of hand.

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“When it goes well with the NLC, all will go well with everyone. Co-operation can make a productive and meaningful impact on the workplace. If we respect one another, everyone can flourish and the company will continue to get to greater heights,” said Minnaar.

NLC Acting Executive Legal Manager Advocate Nompumelelo Nene said it is crucial to find a balancing act between personal interests and the interests of the employer.

“Maintaining a good relationship with the employees and the employers lies on loyalty and commitment by both parties. It is important to understand that we are all at the workplace for one purpose, which is growth and success of the business, as well as personal growth,” said Nene.

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