How to be cyber vigilant this festive season

Johannesburg- Cybercriminals take advantage of the increased digital activity, particularly during the festive season.

As a result, cyber-attacks are more common during this period since cybercriminals are always on the lookout for vulnerable internet users.

Therefore, businesses and consumers should take precautions to protect themselves online.

“The internet is an open door for cybercriminals to target users and businesses in various ways. Therefore, it is essential for internauts and businesses to stay vigilant and recognize cybersecurity risks to safeguard sensitive data,” said  Business Analyst at LAWtrust, Riaan de Villiers.

According to the Mimecast Threat Center research, approximately six in ten businesses suffered a ransomware attack in 2020, while 79% of organizations were affected by their lack of cyber preparedness.

However, taking all the necessary measures to protect your data against cybersecurity threats could save you.

Here are some cyber safety tips you can follow this holiday season:

  • Be on the lookout for phishing attacks.

Be vigilant for phishing attacks during this festive season. Attackers send an email that looks like it is from a legitimate source. However, the email could contain malicious content or link to a website hosting malicious content.

The aim of cybercriminals will often be to try and trick you into disclosing personal information, including your banking or credit card details.

  • Install an antivirus program and keep all software up to date

It is essential to update your computer software regularly to ensure your data is protected. Additionally, installing an antivirus program on your computer and keeping it up to date will also help protect you from cybercriminals.

  • Protect sensitive information with encryption

Encrypt important information stored on your computer to prevent cybercriminals from accessing it. Enabling network encryption is also an excellent way to protect your data from cybercriminals.

  • Choose strong passwords

Protect access to devices and networks containing sensitive information with strong passwords. Use unique and strong passwords that will be difficult for cybercriminals to crack. Furthermore, do not reuse passwords; instead, use a unique password on every website or service that you register.

“Cybercriminals will frequently target businesses during this season; therefore, every company must be vigilant regarding its data security,” concluded de Villiers.

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