Lanseria and Mango experience turbulence

The relationship between Lanseria International Airport and SAA’s low-cost airline, Mango, has hit turbulence, with the former demanding the carrier pay it almost R20-million for services rendered and fuel.

Lanseria claims Mango owes it R5.5-million for fuel and a further R13.2-million for services rendered between January and March this year.

“Our client rendered invoices to you in respect of services and refuelling totaling R18 167 093.25… Our client demands payment within 14 days from the date of the receipt of this letter, falling which it shall be entitled … to cancel the agreement and take legal steps to enforce the payment,” reads a letter from Lanseria’s lawyers to Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout, dated July 9.

Mango then failed to respond to the demands and Lanseria approached he courts seeking redress.

The two entities entered into a five-year contract in December 2018 whereby they agreed that Mango will use the services and facilities provided by Lanseria to conduct scheduled rights to and from the airport at an agreed fee.

Lanseria is a privately owned international airport northwest of Johannesburg. It can handle aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 757-300.

Mango was thrown into leadership turmoil last month when Bezuidenhout resigned from the airline, ending his second stint as CEO. He is set to join an unnamed European airline.

Two other members of the senior leadership team of Mango have also quit in recent months.

Mango in a written response said: “The inablity to generate revenue for a long period during the lockdown and the limited capacities we are allowed to operate in current restrictions means that we have to embark on a consultation process with our creditors to find ways of entering agreements that suit both parties.”

Lanseria CEO Rampa Rammopo said the company’s relationship with Mango was confidential and could not comment on the matter.


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