Planned shutdown by ‘truckers’ a threat to logistics industry – RFA

The planned national shutdown by truck drivers is nothing but a threat to the logistics system of the country, according to Road Freight Association (RFA).

RFA was responding to a group called SA Truck Drivers that has been posting messages on social media about the looming shutdown.

According to the group, South Africans need to stock up on basic needs because the whole trucking industry plans to go on strike at the end of the month.

The group further called for truck companies to comply with a collective agreement negotiated between unions and employers at the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry. 

Gavin Kelly, CEO at RFA, said the group’s antics are a clear indication of how the logistics and supply chain industry is continuously threatened.

“They are unknown to us. [They are] not a part of any union. From what we have been told, they are also not a part of the group they are pretending to be in,” said Kelly.

Kelly said the shutdowns create long-term, negative consequences to the logistics supply chain industry and the country’s economy.

He said: “Jobs are lost, revenue [both to companies and to employees] is lost. Tax revenue is lost, business confidence is lost, and international trade and investment is lost.  Inevitably, opportunistic criminality and violence occur.”

Kelly added that when shutdowns happen, the economy and citizen lose the most.

“RFA calls on those who drive such activities to address their concerns with relevant authorities and to assist these authorities in providing details of the non-compliant transport companies, so that the necessary relevant action can be taken.

“We trust that the relevant authorities, including the police, will show the same resolve in dealing with any illegal activities creating a shutdown of supply chain routes as was shown in the previous national shutdown [organised by the EFF late in March].”

Sunday World’s attempts to reach out to the group on Friday drew a blank.


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