Respect and cooperation create a respectful work environment

Johannesburg – The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) is on a mission to educate and sustain good practices in corporate governance through a strategic move to put its employees, clients, beneficiaries and stakeholders first.

On Wednesday, the NLC hosted a virtual event under the theme Maintaining a Respectful Work Environment at the Houghton Hotel in Johannesburg.

The discussion, facilitated by popular radio and television personality, Aldrin Sampear, brought to light a clear understanding of how companies and government can utilize an opportunity of engaging bosses and staff members on various challenges at the workplace.

The NLC’s direction to take the employer/ employee positive and good working relationship forward was spearheaded by the Ethics Offi ce of the NLC led by Acting Executive Legal Manager Advocate Nompumelelo Nene and supported by the HCM division through Acting Human Capital Manager, Mr. Shalom Pila.

Acting Head of Human Capital Management at the NLC Shalom Pila shared how organisations can instill a culture of respect in the workplace

Speaking as one of the panelists, Pila shared how the lottery regulator can engage employees to communicate with respect and avoid conflicts.

“The National Lotteries Commission is one of the top global employers based on its strategy and vision of understanding work ethics and employer/employee relationship,” said Pila.

“As human capital management, we have made sure that we focus on diversity, inclusion and equality. The NLC decided two years ago to make it clear on its mandate on where it stands as the best global employer.”

The NLC embarked on a process of understanding its impact to the world as it was measured against the best 1 500 employers around the world.

“Last year, the NLC was surveyed on its conduct on how it treats its employees. Six hundred staff members took part in the survey that yielded good result for the organisation.

“I can speak with confidence that the NLC is the best employer globally and we are proud of our achievements.” Pila added that the NLC does come across potential employees who speak about their purpose when they wish to join the organisation.

“We do find job candidates who tell us about their purpose, and we observe that we create a great environment for our potential employees and entrenching a culture of respect.”

Speaking from New York, management consultant and executive coach Liz Kislik of Liz Kislik Associates, who has been working with employers and employees for more than 30 years at various levels, said when people operate out of their beliefs, there’s bound to be conflict.

Kislik said: “We need to look at structures that create a problem. Sometimes things seem to be unrealistic. We need to rule out the unfortunate possibility with the single dysfunctional individual where the conflict comes from. “The person who can also be a source of conflict is someone who has no confidence.”


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