Actress Sonia Mbele recovering at home after food poisoning

Renowned actress and TV producer Sonia Mbele is back recovering at home after she was admitted to the hospital for food poisoning last week.

The former Generations star said she thought she was going to die after she consumed seafood and started to feel the excruciating pain.

Mbele, who has been a pescatarian (a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish) for more than five years, said she bought a platter at a take-away food outlet in Morningside, Sandton.

However, she said it was not entirely the fault of the food outlet that she got sick and was admitted to the hospital.

“I can’t blame the restaurant. I bought the food to eat and kept some for later and forgot to warm it up. I immediately got sick, started throwing up,” said Sonia, noting that the incident freaked her out.

“Food poisoning is real,” she added, sharing that her own water brand is helping her in the process of recovery.

Although she is back home, she said she still feels weak and spends most of the time resting in bed. “I should be ready and fully fit next week, I had to cancel all my meetings last week.”

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