Bad boy SK Khoza takes comfort in spiritual journey

Mzansi’s “bad boy” Sthembiso “SK” Khoza has embarked on a spiritual journey as he looks to open a new chapter of his life.

Khoza has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past few months.

Last month, a sex video of Khoza and an unknown woman surfaced on social media. In April, his “meltdown” video also went viral.

In the video, he is seen acting strangely and swearing at an unidentified man.

The thespian from KwaZulu- Natal has also been accused of gender-based violence.

In a wide-ranging interview with Sunday World, Khoza said he was ready to leave it all in the past, and was looking forward to what is in store for him in the future.

“The spiritual journey that I am currently on is one of the things that every African person must take in life. I love the fact that through it all I did not back down as it is my life, and I’m loving the new journey I’m on.”

Khoza shared that he is currently in a good space and people tend to forget that if he was not on television, no one would care about the things he does.

“Besides being in a good space, I believe everything that is bad will always be clapped louder than the good I do.

“In some of those videos shared on social media I was genuinely having a good time but someone chose to put it on social media.

“Today I can laugh, which is OK, and now I’ll be playing something similar on television.”

Khoza said he is not the one who invites trouble, but in the space of two years he has had to reboot his circle of friends.

“Any video of mine that was shared on social media was sent to multiple people and only one person had the courage to actually share it.

“The only reason I shared that video from my Only Fans page was to shut people up, and I carried on with my life and held my head high.”

Khoza has also made a comeback on prime-time television after he bagged a role in’s late-night television drama The Black Door.

Joining the show has caused excitement after he was axed from Mzansi Magic’s The Queen in November last year.

He said he was happy to be back on the small screen, playing the controversial character of Sabelo Cele.

“This, for me, is God opening a new door for me and it’s funny how seven years later I am playing a similar role to my first ever lead role on Ayeye.

“We tend to get comfortable in every job we get, and with this character I am coming to show off my craft in a new direction.

“To all of those that had negative things to say, things that you saw on that video are things that I will now be doing on national television.

“It’s weird that they are now going to be OK with it because it’s on screen.

“The same people who were speaking badly about it are sure going to watch what I do on The Black Door,” Khoza said.

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