Boity faces life’s realities

Bakae rapper and media personality Boity Thulo will open a window to her private life and allows fans to catch a glimpse of how she became a sangoma on her BET Africa reality show called Own Your Throne. 

The show is set to feature her mother Modiehi Thulo, her first pet dog, Asante, and best friend Bob Sithole, popularly known as Bobby Blanco. This week Thulo speaks to Sunday World about owning her throne. 

  1. How do you feel about being BET Africa’s first reality star?

BET, as an international platform, has solidified itself as a major influencer of culture through

content that seeks to disrupt, question and challenge the status quo. Having Own Your Throne on BET Africa means that I not only join them in their journey of being the number one influencer of culture on the African continent through bringing my own narrative, way of life and message for us to start owning our thrones.

  1. Why did you decide on the name Own Your Throne?

In looking at how everything is based on and driven by competition and how we are constantly made to believe that only one person or only a certain group of people are destined to have a seat at the table… 

#OwnYourThrone is a movement that speaks to not only the journey I took to realize my own voice, platform and power in certain spaces but understanding that there are multiple other seats at the table that are occupied by individuals who are rightfully deserving and are Queens, Leaders, and Kings in the spaces and platforms they hold power and influence in.

Understanding that me owning my throne does not undermine, diminish nor demean the power of those occupying the other seats/thrones at the table, but acknowledges my value and worthiness to rightfully own it and be an empowering voice for those seated and those working hard to create their own tables or those working hard to have a seat at the one I am at.

So this platform for me is one where I will be showcasing how I am working towards Owning My Throne, showing South Africa, The African continent and the who world the different parts that make me who I am. How I continue to Own My Throne.

  1. What do people get to see from Boity and her life that is not already on their tv


This platform for me is going to be one where I will be showcasing how I am working towards Owning My Throne, showing South Africa, The African continent and the world the different parts that make me who I am.

People will get to see the behind the scenes of; my music creation, a part of my journey that I am learning to embrace and immerse myself in, the social and lifestyle influencer aspect of my life that continues to be a major integral in how the public, mostly my fans, get to engage with Boitumelo Thulo, my spirituality and how I have come to understand my role and purpose in this world, something people have not entirely been exposed to but have engaged with glimpses of this side.

My family and business, are also parts of my life that will be showcased in this show, as the support from my family, my mom and grandparents continue to drive how I go about business and building a brand that will last for generations to come.

  1. Is there a love interest? Who is he? Do we get to see him?

Is there a love interest? I am really open to love. I am a romantic and love the idea of love. So, because the show is a really honest look into my life, I believe this is a part of me that the audience will get to see and engage with in some shape or form. 

  1. Who else is a part of the show and the making of Own your Throne, both on and


In the show, you will get to see the people who contribute to who I am as a person; my team friends, family, and business and spiritual advisors. There are soo many other people you will get to see, but let me leave that. 

  1. When in 2020 will we be seeing the show?

The show will be released in the first quarter of the new year. Well, 2020 is the beginning of the new decade and I am a firm believer in doing things with intention, as that ultimately informs how everything materializes.

What’s more powerful than entering the new decade with a show that puts emphasis on realising and embracing your truest self, and using that to empower the person you are becoming?

  1. Who has been your reality star inspiration? And why?

That’s such a difficult question, as there’s a huge pool of people who have and continue to kill it in the reality Tv show space. If I have to narrow it down to one person, I would say, Somizi. I love how authentic and unapologetic he is about his life and the way he lives it. He is raw, unfiltered and proud, something I would like to channel in BOYT.


By Nokuthula Zwane 

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