Broke Mthembu loses Real Housewives lustre

Real Housewives of Durban television star and businesswoman Annie Mthembu will not be cast in the new season of the show on Showmax because she and her businessman
husband Kgolo De Guru have hit rock bottom.

This is because people have stolen a lot of money from De Guru’s club in Durban.

The startling news was revealed by De Guru himself in an exclusive interview with Sunday World last week.

De Guru poured his heart out following allegations that he has not been paying his staff members and artists who performed at his establishments in Durban recently.

De Guru said his financial situation was so dire that his wife had to pull out of the popular show, which showcases the lush life of Durban housewives and is regarded as the epitome of success.

De Guru said: “My wife will go back to Real Housewives of Durban when she’s ready, she is now committed to other business errands that need her undivided attention.

De Guru explained why he is in financial doldrums.

“I did what most club owners won’t do: when my manager died, I took care of his children, but today, when I turn my back, people are busy tarnishing my name left and right. I normally won’t talk to the media, but now I feel I need to say my piece because people want to see me out in the cold and I can see they don’t respect my family”, said the angry De Guru.

A week ago, one of De Guru’s resident DJs, DJ Wobbly, posted his frustration on social media due to non-payment by the businessman.

“Wobbly and I are relatives; he knows my house and he could have at least come by to find out how his situation can be made better. What’s happening to him it’s partly not my fault as I’m also a victim here.”

De Guru explained further: “Last year my club was robbed of R750 000 and I asked my employees questions about how this happened, only to learn later that one of them or a group of them came in the club with a speed point from another business and swapped it with my club’s speed point and stole money. It has been happening since the busy weekend of Durban July. It’s heart-breaking what happened to my businesses,” he said.

He continued: “Jealousy and envy are the root of all this mess. People can say whatever they want to say, but it’s a problem when their statements get into my household.

“Before Easter weekend, all my nightclubs will be operating in full swing, that I can promise.”

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