DJ Fresh, Mapaseka Koetle fuel dating rumours

Scandal! lead actress Mapaseka Koetle and DJ Fresh were spotted all lovey dovey couple in Joburg on Tuesday.

Koetle separated from her husband, Nelson Nyokong, while Fresh and ex-wife Thabiso Sikwane divorced last year.

The two were seen by Sunday World cosying up to each other at the premiere of the Honeymoon movie at the Emperors Place Hotel Casino Convention and Entertainment Resort in Kempton Park.

This fuelled long-simmering speculation that the two A-listers have been drinking from each other’s lips for a while.

The Sunday World team was walking out of the star-studded venue when it witnessed Mapaseka, who was clad in a sexy yellow number, and Fresh, immaculately dressed in a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt, waltzing out of the venue, holding hands.

Still joined at the hip, the two disappeared towards the hotel premises, which were a heartbeat away from the venue.

Sunday World learnt from a reliable source that Koetle’s close friend told them that the actress had been spending a lot of time with Fresh, real name Thato Sikwane.

The tipster said Koetle’s friend, a television thespian known to Sunday World, alienated her after she protested and disapproved of her relationship with Fresh.

The deep throat said the trouper’s gripe was that the DJ was too long in the tooth to be Koetle’s boyfriend, as he is at least 16 years her senior.

Koetle, who was born in Free State, is in her 30s, while Fresh, who was born in Botswana, is a 50-year-old man.

The informant said that when the actress protested about Fresh’s age, Koetle told her that she did not matter as Fresh was the love of her life who makes her feel like a queen.

When contacted for a comment, Koetle could neither deny nor confirm she was seen nuzzling Fresh at the event, but denied they are having a relationship.

She said she and the Big Dawg, as Fresh is affectionally known in the music circle, have been enjoying a platonic relationship.

“We are just friends,” she said.

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