Fans want Liema out of Biggie’s house after rude behaviour

The Big Brother Mzansi pool party on Thursday night has created a lot of buzz on social media platforms.

Because Jareed’s intentions were made clear during Sunday night’s live eviction show, Lawrence Maleka has instilled mistrust in Liema.

Mpumi has noticed that Jareed has been staring at her with his notorious wandering eye. The two confided in one another about their intensely shared emotions, and Jareed said she was confusing him.

He was set straight by Mpumi, who pointed out that she is not the one in between ships and that she is actually perplexed by his reluctance to reveal his true intentions through his chest.

Dramatic events unfold

When Liema told Jareed that she was over their relationship, he took it personally and started kissing Mpumi and Els in front of her.

Following the pool party, there were dramatic events when Liema slapped and shoved Mpumi before spitting on Jareed’s face.

After Bravo B’s disqualification, some fans of the show are questioning what actually leads to a person getting disqualified and that there should be consequences for Liema’s behaviour.

Some have even gone as far as to claim that the rules are unfair to everyone if Big Brother does not show Liema the door, while others began to wonder whether gender-based violence only affected men and not women as a result of this.

Others among the fans asserted that Liema’s predicament cannot be compared to that of Bravo B and Makhekhe from last week.

They contend that rather than being immediately disqualified, she ought to receive at least two strikes.



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Big Brother Mzansi fans want Bravo B, Makhekhe disqualified

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