UkhoziFM fast becoming KhuzaniFM

UkhoziFM fast becoming KhuzaniFM

The biggest radio station in Africa is fast becoming the biggest joke on the continent.

The mandarins there will do anything to diminish their dominance, especially to feed the massive ego of Maskandi star, Khuzani Mpungose. As if giving him the title for the Song of the Year with his lukewarm Ijele song in 2020 was not bad enough, the station did it again this time with his unknown song titled, Umjolo Lowo. Shwa has some piece of advice for the management: change your Song of the Year criteria before it is too late because you will become the laughing stock of radio stations.

The reality is all fun lovers agree that iPlan by DJ Thukzin was the banger for this festive season. But the station’s flawed system of a popular vote wherein some artists, including Khuzani, vote for themselves, is a problem. Where is the fairness in that?

Shwa salutes UkhoziFM’s neighbours, commercial radio station GagasiFM for doing the right thing by giving Thukzin his flowers. KhuzaniFM should be ashamed of itself.

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