What’s that tune, Cape DJs?

By the way, what is it with Cape Town DJs repeating the same music tunes, or was it just a coincidence, nje? Shwa saw DJ Switch, and this made gossip girl realise maybe it is time for her to leave the entertainment scene. The guy has been around from the days when he still wore dreadlocks.

It appears that hip hop is still a thing in the Mother City because Shwa also saw Venom, her favourite hip hop DJ, who doesn’t repeat musical lyrics in his set.

Khanya Siyengo AKA Kyeezi brought the house down with his MCs skills. The guy is your typical hype man who knows how to keep the revellers on their toes. Shwa spotted hip-hop and R&B brothers MajorSteez (Steez and Sandile) who recently released their collaboration with the late award-winning rapper, AKA. The guys really don’t act like celebrities; they were chilling and interacting with everyone in the club.

By the way, where was Junior De Rocka? He was on the line- up after all, or maybe Shwa missed him due to height conditions?


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