Why are South Africans so desperate for miracles? 

Why are South Africans so desperate for miracles? 

Shwa has been observing everything that has been unfolding since the BBC aired its documentary on the late TB Joshua. This has made the gossip girl wonder why so many pastors, or alleged prophets, who come from all parts of Africa, choose to invade our beloved South Africa. 

Why are you not performing these miracles for the poor and sickly people you left behind, including the raising from the dead of sorely missed breadwinners? Is it because you have picked up that South Africans are gullible and easy to believe and give away their hard-earned cash so easily ?  

What has happened to the idea of just going to church to praise God? Are you flocking here because your folks back home cannot afford to pay for your showmanship? It’s high time we looked closely into these pastors and their hidden agenda. TB Joshua, on the other hand, did not move his base here but managed to capture South Africans via his TV channel and people travelled to his temple. Some of our people died when his dilapidated hotel in Nigeria crumbled down. And why was he not held accountable?  

Shwa wants to see the BBC also investigate TD Jakes, who is also being accused of atrocious things.  

Let us expose all these fake prophets and pastors.  

And we must wonder, why has the South African government takena chill pill with regard to Bushiri, who is living large in Malawi? 

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