I dont mind sinking this ship with all of us on it – Kefilwe Mabote

Kefilwe Mabote, an award-winning creator of lifestyle and fashion digital content, has been trending since the weekend after a story about her purportedly staging a marriage went viral.

Mabote has since broken her silence and stated that people mistake silence for weakness after remaining silent for the entire weekend.

Taking to her Instagram stories on Wednesday and Thursday, Mabote threatened to release footage of the supposed “husband” in question.

“Seeing as social media trends are a thing these days, how about we unveil camera footage of you at my residence with your family and political cronies conducting meetings at my house?” wrote Mabote.

Mabote is prepared to fight

In her tirade, Mabote added that she was prepared to fight alongside the mystery man in the boxing ring and that her inner circle was prepared in case something happened to her.

“Speak, and let’s see who faces the consequences of this battle you have ignited. Thread carefully,” she wrote.

Mabote recommended that she and the purported man pack their bags and head to Weskoppies Hospital after posting a photo of herself from January 2022.

She claimed that the man who she believes leaked the details of her marriage did so on the day she took the photo, when he invited her to his church, and she had witnesses to support her claims.

If you go low, I go lower

“I still have many pictures taken on that day, and some congregation members even took pictures with me in that outfit,” she wrote.

“The same psychopath that took me to see his pastor is asking if I would make a good pick for a second wife. I am sure the congregation has supporting evidence to back me up.

“Let me know if I should post our pictures together at social events showcasing us together, even on holidays with my family.

“Remember, if you go low, I go lower. I do not mind sinking this ship with all of us on it. The Titanic will have a whole new meaning by the time I am done with you.”

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