‘Late TB Joshua’s alleged victim a master of seducing men of God’

Jay Israel Dube, a Zimbabwean-born self-proclaimed prophet based in South Africa, has accused one of the alleged victims of the late Nigerian prophet TB Joshua.

Dube accused Sihle Sibisi of being a serial con artist, a liar, a murderer, a home wrecker, and a fraudster.

This after Sibisi appeared on BBC’s documentary on TB Joshua alongside other women including Joshua’s biological daughter.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, Dube took a jab at BBC and said: “Since we are exposing wickedness and spreading awareness about the evil done by the late, let us not be biased in our approach and tackle all truths at once.”

Dube said Sibisi was a master of seducing and blackmailing men of God, sending explicit pictures to lure them.

He said despite close interactions, Sibisi begged him to take her to Nigeria to meet prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyn to lure and blackmail him.

“Knowing her behaviour of seducing servants of God, I rejected that proposition immediately because I have much respect for the prophet.

“She also sought for a threesome with others, like my friend Dr Khehlelezi, which we dismissed.

“Sihle has been begging to sleep with me to a point of saying if I can’t have her, then I must hook her up with men of God close to myself because she enjoys sleeping with men of God.”

Dube challenged Sibisi to deny his claims, noting that if she asserts the truth of her statements about TB Joshua, he would release substantial evidence in video format.

“Sihle’s main agenda of going to Nigeria was to give herself for sexual purposes to the late prophet TB Joshua, but those attempts went unnoticed hence her bitterness and lies.”

Screenshot between Jay Israel Dube and Sihle Sibisi/ Facebook
Dube is trying to discredit me

Responding to the allegations, Sibisi said she feels discredited and that Dube is trying to be relevant using the BBC documentary. 

“He is showing you messages allegedly from me to him and that I wanted two-, four-, six-, or 12-somes. All I can say is it is well,” Sibisi said.

She added that she was given to Philip Banda at the age of 16 and was groomed in the church. Banda is a South African-based prophet born in Zambia. 

“Subsequently, I was in Nigeria where I experienced further trauma. So, before you come at me, put yourself in Sihle Sibisi’s shoes.

“Instead of being vindictive, I decided to start the Kwanele Mfundisi Foundation based on my experience and pain.

“My only mistake was believing and trusting this man who said we were exposing charlatans.

“All participation [mine included] of the contributors in the BBC documentary Disciples: The Cult of TB Joshua was voluntary, unpaid, and done for the sole purpose of helping others to realise the truth and the facts about TB Joshua.”

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