Lodge vandalised due to Skomota no-show

The management team of Thabang Sefala, popularly known as Skomota, is in intense negotiations with the owners of a lodge in North West that was damaged by his supporters following his no show at an event on New Year’s Day.

Skomota alongside Tman Xpress were booked by Maungo A Matsapa Lodge in Brits , which hosted The Fireworks Display Event.

But the dancer, who was the internet sensation among the young revellers this festive with endless bookings, did not show up, leading to those who expected his performance losing their marbles and damaging the lodge’s property.

According to a sources who witnessed the incident, attendees of the event vandalised the lodge after Skomota failed to pitch up.

Our informants revealed that many children had turned up to the event because Skomota, whose appearance had been confirmed, was the draw card.

When he did not show up, they felt betrayed by the lodge owners and went on a rampage vandalising the venue.

A video has also surfaced on social media of a child happy that they had vandalised a window at the lodge.

“It took years to build that place, and people who have failed to build decent toilets for themselves are celebrating that people vandalised years of hard work,” said an eyewitness of the incident.

The lodge owners during the week issued an official statement to apologise for Skomota not showing up.

“Skomota, who was booked to perform at Maungo A Matsapa Lodge, decided to pull a no-show on us, which left our customers and management deeply disappointed,” reads the statement.

Skomota has since issued an apology, saying “life problems” had caused him to not attend the event.

However, he promised to make up for it and return to Brits to mesmerise his supporters.

He released a statement via video together with his guardian and manager, Kholofelo Makgata, popularly known as Moruti wa Dikota.

Said Skomota: “Apologies, I could not come to Maungo A Matsapa Lodge in Brits”, before Makgata interjected to finish the statement saying, “but we promise you people of Brits who support Skomota, we will make it up to you. It was circumstances beyond our control, but we will come.”

When Sunday World reached out to Skomota’s management, they said they were aware of the vandalism and were handling it privately and professionally with the event organisers.

A representative asked to be given space until they concluded the matter with the establishment.

“It is not a matter that we can discuss with the media until it is finalised.

“We are still in discussion with the other party, and we still need to reach an agreement on what is the way forward.

“We either have to give them a refund or organise another show where he will go and perform for free, but we are still in discussion before the matter can go out to the public.

“We are also very much aware of the fact that people vandalised property.”

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