YouTube sensation ‘Birth of Stars’ part of a new wave

Social media and streaming platforms have changed the way people consume content or watch television. YouTube sensation Birth of Stars is part of that new wave and it will have its own reality show.

Birth of Stars is a proudly LGBTQI+ reality show based on the lives of three young creatives and social media content creators – Coachella Randy, real name Oratile Masedi, Kamo WW (Kamohelo Pule), and Kagiso Mogola.

Local fashion designer and show co-founder Orapeleng Modutle said creating a reality show was his passion, as he wanted to showcase the organic talent of the young creatives to the world and to nurture their careers.

The name Birth of Stars comes from the idea of these three individuals seeing a new life of being social media sensations and what that means for their growing careers.

Orapeleng added that the main objective of the show is to inspire and touch the lives of young queer people.

“We want the audience to be able to have a reflection of themselves and see that it is possible to break into any industry they aspire to be in,” said Orapeleng.

Viewers can expect fresh personalities from the three individuals just like their content on their social media platforms. Some moments on the show include them attending events and engaging with friends and famous personalities including Moghelingz.

Birth of Stars can be watched on YouTube and each season will consist of six episodes. Each episode will be 25-minutes long and available every second Friday of the month at midnight.

Not only does the show aim to entertain, but it also seeks to benefit the LGBTQI+ community through full representation and the breaking of homosexual stereotypes.

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