Student organisations march for expulsion of Theuns du Toit

Student organisations marched to Stellenbosch University’s administration offices on Thursday to demand that Theuns du Toit, a first-year law student who urinated on the belongings of a fellow black student, be expelled.

Du Toit entered Babalo Ndwayana’s room early on Sunday morning and urinated on his laptop and books. When Ndwayana, a first-year agricultural studies student asked him what he was doing, Du Toit is said to have responded: “This is what we do to black boys.”

The marchers also demanded that the management of the university address other racist incidents that had taken place on campus.

Ndwayana made a sharp U-turn on Tuesday and laid criminal charges against Du Toit after he had said earlier in the day that he forgave his tormentor. He also called for Du Toit to be expelled from the university.

His father Mkhuseli Kaduka has since poured cold water over reports that he is planning to hold a meeting with the Du Toits. He said the reports are blatant lies, noting that he will make sure that justice is served.

“I did receive a call from the boy’s father trying to plead his son’s case as any parent would,” Kaduka wrote on his social media platform.

“There are certain forces that are driving their agenda and perpetuating false information. I do not have plans to meet with the Du Toits although they would love for that to happen. I am very much committed to seeing this fight through to the end.

“If I come out of this with anything, it’ll be the dignity of my child restored and the perpetrator facing what’s due to them. I will not waiver nor yield in my quest to seek justice.”

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