ACT leader Ace Magashule elated as his party contests elections

The president of African Congress for Transformation (ACT) Ace Magashule has alleged that voting material meant for voters has found its way into the hands of rogue elements and causing mayhem.

Magashule, the former secretary-general of the governing ANC, said this on Wednesday when he spoke to Sunday World after he cast his vote at the AME church in Tumahole, Parys, in the Free State.

“It is our deep-seated concern that ballot papers are all over the place in the wrong hands. This is a serious concern because those ballot papers ended up in the wrong hands just before the elections,” said Magashule.

Lodged complaint with IEC about ballot papers

He stated that his party has lodged a complaint with the IEC with regard to the matter.

“We have lodged a complaint with the IEC regarding the issue of ballot papers being all over the streets.  And we are expecting to hear what their response will be in this regard,” he said.

Magashule, was however, chuffed that ACT was contesting the elections for the first time.

“It feels wonderful as this shows that democracy has matured. There is freedom of choice and association, including political affiliation, which is what we have fought for.

“I am happy that people will be voting for ACT, that has its own ideology. This will also assist us to fulfil our mandate to our people. As we stated during our campaign, we are the party that believes in dealing with challenges of our people.”

Still rooting for MK Party in other regions

When he was asked if he was still preaching that people should vote for the MK Party,  he said that hasn’t changed. He said that was part of the agreement with the party and other political formations.

“This is based on the fact that there are other provinces where ACT doesn’t appear on the ballot paper. I urge people to vote for other parties that we have an agreement with, including MK. We are very positive that ACT will do well in this elections,” said the former Free State premier.

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