Ramaphosa thumps Malema, gets 2nd term at Union Buildings

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected for a second term at the Union Buildings following a spirited attempt to thwart his ambition by the EFF-led Progressive Caucus.
Ramaphosa received 283 votes to Julius Malema’s 44.

This unfolded at the first sitting of the seventh administration national assembly at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Ramaphosa, following ANC’s failure to obtain outright majority at the recent national polls, was supported by the ANC-DA national government of National unity (NGU).

The Progressive Caucus comprising of EFF and five minority parties fielded Malema to take on Ramaphosa.

ANC won president, speaker positions

But the ANC boss came out tops, as was the case with the positions of Speaker and deputy that were won by the dominant GNU.

ANC’s Thoko Didiza was elected Speaker, while DA’s Annalie Lotriet was chosen as her deputy.
It remains to be seen if the Progressive Caucus strategy to expose the ANC for going to bed with “the enemy” DA is going to bear fruits.

In his acceptance speech, Ramaphosa said he was honoured for the support to serve. And he pledged to unite the country amidst the heightened political tensions in the country.

“I accept this privilege to once again serve this great nation. This is accepted with great humility,” said Ramaphosa.

Pledged to unite the country

“I will spend my time to read all these wonderful messages delivered in this podium. Because they’re great messages from which I want to draw insight. So thank you very much for your kind words.
“I intend to work with all members and even those who didn’t vote for me. And this is their democratic right. We are South Africans, and I will serve all, even those that didn’t vote for me tonight.”

Malema reacted to the defeat saying the contestation was political, not personal. He added that the red berets brigade will fight from the opposition benches.

EFF calls it consolidation of white power

“We accept the results of this gathering because it is a reflection of a democratic process. “[The EFF] contested because we don’t agree with your decision to consolidate white power.

“We don’t have a history of being collaborators. [The EFF is] going to be the best opposition and make sure that you and the DA are held accountable. This is a coalition between the ANC and the DA, history will judge you harshly.”

Ramaphosa will be inaugurated on Wednesday at the Union Buildings.
This while Umkhonto we Sizwe Party leader Jacob Zuma is due to address the country on Sunday.

The MK Party was the only party that didn’t partake in the whole national assembly first sitting. This after snubbing it, claiming electoral fraud.

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