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Constable Mojalefa Chabalala

Youth in Government

Nominee's Province:
Free State


Project Name/Description:
Police Officer/SAPS

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Constable Mojalefa Chabalala is a forward-thinking policeman who runs empowering youth programmes in the Free State to give hope and direction to youngsters long before they are tempted to engage in wayward behaviour that could bring them in conflict with the law. To him prevention is better than cure. Chabalala, 34, is a provincial youth co-coordinator at the SA Police Service. His mission is to guide youngsters to greatness, make them be good citizens who lead wholesome lives, as well as protect them. Mentorship and guidance are central to his progressive activities. Being young himself gives him a unique insight into the challenges the youth face and the aspirations they possess. “I work hard to encourage the youth to stay away from crime and substance abuse. I formulate programmes for the youth in the province where the SAPS comes to give lectures to young people about the importance of being good citizens who take Free State forward,” says Chabalala.


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