Karabo Mathibela

Youth in Business and Entrepreneurship

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Exceptional Clothing

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Karabo Mathibela, 23, is a streetwear fashion designer from a small village of Dennilton in Limpopo who owns a clothing line called Exceptional Clothing. He started the business five years ago and his fashion talent is already renowned, making him a young entrepreneurial hero. In 2021, he was honoured with the Dennilton Clothing Brand of the Year award for producing unique and original streetwear fashion. Influencers and models wear his brand on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In February this year Mathibela’s designs were showcased at Reboot Fashion Show at the Women’s Monument in Pretoria. “The show was created to showcase designs by upcoming fashion designers and entrepreneurs,” says Mathibela. “It was also to inspire and empower young people who needed to showcase their talents.” This ambitious young man runs his business from home and sells the streetwear online using social media. He buys unbranded casual clothes like sweaters, caps, sweat pants and shorts, and so on, depending on the season, from local farms and takes them to printing companies for branding. He also takes advantage of local social gatherings and events such as Friends of Friends in Dennilton, where upcoming fashion designers are invited to display their apparel to the public. Mathibela is inspired by international fashion designer James Jebbia, an American-British businessman who is the founder of the clothing brand Supreme. “He is the reason I am striving to grow my clothing brand and make streetwear fashionable,” he says.


Youth in Business and Entrepreneurship

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