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Dr Lebogang Tiego Legodi

Academia and Education

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Political Analyst

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Still in her twenties, and in a field dominated by males, Dr Lebogang Tiego, 27, is the youngest PhD holder and a senior lecturer in the political science department at the University of Limpopo. Her published research papers in accredited journals, presented research papers internationally and locally, and is a council member of the South African Association of Political Science. Legodi is someone who puts the interests of women and young people at heart, and has demonstrated that by adopting a few students to pay for their tuition fees. Her brilliance as a political analyst has seen her make appearances on television and radio channels to give political analyses on topical issues, and contribute opinion pieces to newspapers as well. She is passionate about education. Though Legodi cannot specifically acknowledge anyone as her role model growing up, what stands out about her is that it has always been people in her family, friends, people from Seshego in Limpopo where she grew up, as well as men and women, who took it upon themselves to mentor her. “In short, I think it is the village itself which raised me, that inspired me to be a better person and pursue more in life,” she affirms.

Academia and Education

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