Dr Mantoa Molete

Academia and Education

Nominee's Province:
Free State

Project Name/Description:
Lecturer, Welkom Campus

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To communications and linguistics scholar, Dr Mantoa Molete, what makes CUT an attractive space is its commitment to inclusion. “To be a CUT woman means that you are part of diversity. We are a very diverse group of people. And the fact that you can embrace yourself and it feels like home, which is what a lot of workspaces don’t have,” describes the charismatic academic, stating that the university further recognises women for their authenticity. The fact that Dr Molete was born in Welkom, and is currently based in the mining town, gives her the opportunity to contribute to the development of a community that shaped her. “The most important thing for women is to stay authentic. We as women have a tendency to want to copy these characteristics that men have of wanting to show that we have power. Don’t try and change who you are to fit the space; the space must adapt to who you are,” she advises. At just 35, Dr Molete has cut an iconic figure that makes education fashionable to many young black youth, especially in the Free State. Among others, she prides in is that she has supervised and promoted a couple of Master’s students, all this while keeping her life balanced with sleep, social activities and creating fun TikTok videos.

Academia and Education

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