Gloria Pule

Academia and Education

Nominee's Province:
Free State

Project Name/Description:
Deputy Campus Director, Welkom

More info:

Integrity, fairness, excellence and a listening spirit are the driving values behind the newly appointed CUT Welkom campus deputy director, Gloria Pule, who be- came a junior lecturer at the institution in 2016. Shortly thereafter, she rose to the position of departmental manager: accounting and auditing. A fine product of CUT, Pule holds a National Diploma and B-Tech in internal auditing, and has also gone on to obtain a Master’s degree in Higher Education from the neighbouring Univer- sity of the Free State. The 41 year-old Pule admits that it is not easy for women to rise in spaces that were once seen as strongholds for men. She mentions that, often times, they have to hold back how they really feel to avoid being called emo- tional. Again, their decisions are constantly questioned in a manner that’s rare for men. Despite all that, Pule believes that being a woman is a superpower that al- lows her to connect deeper with the people she leads. “As Africans, we’re taught to value people as people, regardless of their status. So, the way you help each and every person that comes your way, that’s what makes you the cream on top of everything,” she concludes.

Academia and Education

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