Festive Drinking: Feminine Manicure and waist friendly drinks

Johannesburg – The drinks market has become so much more accommodating to the female consumer this year.

But this doesn’t mean our Macho men who manicure their nails and worry about their weight and the environment can’t have a sip.

A waistline friendly drink are hard seltzers – and they are high in demand too.

International Wine and Research Company (IWSR) said the demand for healthier drinks, in a form as portable as possible are in high demand.

They found that ready-to-drinks (RTDs), which includes the hard seltzer category was the only beverage alcohol category to grow at all during the Covid crisis.

Proving to be popular, since its launch earlier this year is the Skinny range which come in cool silver cans, each with a twist.

The flagship Skinny B isa mix of premium vodka, real lime and soda with only 77 calories; the Skinny M is a crisp mix of premium tequila, real lime and soda with some 79 calories and the Skinny G, an alternative to a classic G&T, featuring gin, real lime and soda with 77 calories.

Other Seltzers to try are the relaunched Vawter – a range of soda water spirit coolers made with vodka and infused natural fruit flavours, low in sugar in natural flavours — juicy grapefruit, refreshing cucumber as well as zesty lemon and lime.

The Flying Fish hard seltzer range under the same name come canned in two flavour options: lemon and lime and raspberry.

PURA Buzz which has a rum base and comes in pineapple and coconut; lemon, lime and mint; as well as watermelon and mint.

Southfields, which is produced in Cape Town by the company that brews Jack Black beer,   offer a light, clean taste and have just two grams of sugar and 100 calories per can.

There’s nothing more irritating than sitting with a bottle that you can’t open. And trying to do it with your teeth is certainly unattractive as well as dangerous.

Bernini, the Natural Sparkling Grape Frìzzante has solved this problem with a  sophisticated new look and easy-open cap.

It’s convenient and stylish and manicure friendly.

The bottle also comes in a feminine new shape with delicate embossing

“Our Glow Getters are always finding new ways to glow up in their lives and show us how it’s done – so naturally we had to dial up the glow ourselves’’ said Bernini Marketing Manager Tania Kotze.

Another battle we don’t need to fight is the struggle of opening a corked wine bottle

South Africa’s favourites — Sauvignon Blanc, rosé and Merlot — are now available from Spier in 250ml cans, each crafted by acclaimed Cellar Master Frans Smit and his team.

“These cans are where convenience and quality converge,” says Smit. “They’re terrific for on-the-go adventures and make for fantastic everyday fridge-fillers too.”

He said these wines offer plenty of perks. They are wuick to chill and easier to stack, pack and carry than bottles. There’s also no risk of broken glass making them ideal for  picnics.

The Spier Canned Sauvignon Blanc 2020 and Spier Canned Rosé 2020 also both recently received Gold at the prestigious Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards, while the Spier Canned Merlot 2018 received Silver.

“We’re constantly finding ways to tread more lightly on the earth, and our new range of cans forms part of that,” said Smit explaining that they are made of aluminum, infinitely recyclable and have a smaller carbon footprint than glass bottles.

“All in all, they’re a fantastic choice for the environmentally conscious drinker,” concludes Smit.

Triple Three Distillery has also take to celebrating women with an ancient and symbolic twist with their Williams Birne Pear Spirit and Williams Pear Liqueur brandy based drinks, named after the pear William’s Bon Chretien.

The Pear, they say has an intricate ancient relationship with the feminine.

“For thousands of years, numerous cultures have embraced the pear and pear tree as symbols of abundance and longevity.

They have been immortalised in artworks throughout the centuries, representing the feminine form as a potent symbol of fruitfulness, fertility and femininity,” said Triple Three master distiller Rolf Zeitvogel.

He said the pear has also come to represent love and affection.

“In Chinese, the word li means both pear and separation. Because of this, it’s said that to avoid a separation, friends and lovers should never divide pears between themselves.”

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