Fitness instructor Thato Seabo shares some home exercising tips

Johannesburg – So we have moved to level 4 and gyms are closed ensuring the gym fanatics are moody.

Instead of being stuck with a partner who moans about missing exercise, read them these tips from Fitness instructor Thato Seabo.

If it’s your first time starting a fitness journey, remember never rush to perform and exercise on your first day or week but rather start with a small jog or 20 minutes skipping so your heart and lungs can get used to working over the normal rate.

Bring a bottle of water if it’s your first time training as you may experience a headache or dizziness.

Ensure your bottle is filled with water and not alcohol so you can replenish what has been lost as sweat.

Stretch and warm-up before performing any physical exercise so to the body and muscles warmed up and ready for any physical activities, while avoiding injury.

Repetition is key and this means performing the same exercise for a few days so you can perfect it while avoiding injuries.

Always rest, so that your body and muscle can recover. You can take a day off.


1 – You have to warm up before any exercise says the handsome instructor,  jog or skip for 15 minutes.

2 – Do some jumping jacks for a minute then take a break for a minute. Include Squats for a minute and rest for a minute, high knee runs for a minute then rest for another, add Burpees, Mountain climbs and push ups following the same instructions.

3 –Next round is to repeat these exercises for I minute nonstop with a 30 second break.

4- The last round is where you push yourself and set 3 minutes on the clock and perform each exercise for 30 seconds one after the other with no breaks in between, until the whole circuit is complete.

When asked why he recommended doing cardio exercise, “we know the heart pumps blood to different parts of the body muscles so when these exercises are done regularly, they improve risk factors of heart disease for people like me who suffer from high blood pressure. These exercises reduce or lower the pressure at which blood is pumped while burning fat and fighting mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

Cardio exercises are also a way of training your lungs to work harder if you have asthma as they train them to absorb more oxygen adds Thato Seabo.

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