10-month-old girl found dead at a friend’s house

An 11-year-old boy in North West is under supervision of his parents after the neighbour’s 10-month-old baby was found dead at the boy’s home.

The infant was found with head injuries and bruises on her body, according to Morokweng police.

Police said the incident happened a week ago when the baby’s mother left her with a friend and was later found dead in the friend’s yard.

It is alleged the 11-year-old boy from a neighbour’s house went to the mother’s friend and said the baby’s grandmother had instructed him to fetch the baby, police spokesperson Colonel Adele Myburgh said.

“Later, the neighbour’s 11-year-old boy went to her house and indicated that the baby’s grandmother sent him to fetch the baby. She then handed the baby over to the boy,” said Myburgh.

“Sadly, the baby was found dead by the friend in her yard the next morning and the police were immediately called to the scene. Emergency and Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) declared the baby dead on the scene.

“The 11-year-old boy, who is currently kept under the supervision of his parents, will be evaluated by a social worker. He will be dealt with in accordance with the Child Justice Act.”

Myburgh further said a postmortem is yet to be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Man found dead on road

Meanwhile, in Namakgale, Phalaborwa, a 26-year-old man was found lying unconscious in the middle of a gravel road with wounds on his forehead, chest and shoulders.

The police said the man was attacked with a sharp object on his way home from a local tavern.

“The deceased man was at a local tavern when he reportedly left to go home with three friends. They walked together until they separated to get to their respective homes,” police said.

The motive behind the murder is still unknown and a search for the killer is underway.


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