Acquitted Mafokate relives the pain caused by Cici’s case

Kwaito king Arthur Mafokate has released an albumof scars from emotional wounds he tacitly suffered for over two years as a result of assault accusation levelled against him by his then girlfriend Busisiwe “Cici” Thwala.

Mafokate poured his heart out to Sunday World this week after he was acquitted of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm in a case opened by Cici in June 2017.

“This has affected me in a big way as I stopped releasing and producing music. I stopped doing gigs which was my only source of income. I also lost big contracts worth millions and was unable to contest to become treasurer-general of CCIFSA [Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa] when lobbied to stand in the past weekend’s elections,”he said.

He said his most difficult moments were when the ANC leaders ridiculed him when he posed for a picture with actress Nomzamo Mbatha.

“Celebrities taking photos with me were labelled insensitive or told they were linked to a woman abuser,” he said.

“I was also afraid to approach corporates to do business with my artists. So, in fact, 999 Music literally stopped releasing artists hence the decline in their music repertoire in the last two years.”

The Kaffir hitmaker also revealed that he declined two big opportunities meant to honour him with lifetime achievement awards and was embarrassed and humiliated when he was removed from Moshito and Samro boards because of the case.

“This was a monkey on my back as I also had to resign from Brand SA because I had to put South Africa before my personal interests. The media, radio stations in particular, took her side and continuously used their platforms to attack me. It was indeed difficult as my rivals in the industry used the case to defame me in front of potential clients.”

Mafokate said he suffered severe depression when anti – women abuse activists repeatedly branded him a woman basher and prevented him from attending events aimed at raising awareness about women and child abuse.

“My kids werehumiliated by their friends as a result of this case. One day I went to a restaurant and I found a group of
women eating, but then they left when I sat down a few paces away from them.

“I have gone through all these for something I never did, ” he said with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Mafokate added that he wanted to thank his parents, siblings and his kids for always standing by him.

Meanwhile, Cici said that she would take legal action against Mafokate.

By Ngwako Malatji

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