ANC veteran Essop Pahad dies at 84

Essop Pahad, a prominent figure in South Africa’s political landscape has passed away.

Born on June 21, 1939, Pahad dedicated his life to the ANC and the South African Communist Party during the apartheid era. He played an active role in the liberation struggle, fighting for the rights and freedom of all South Africans.

After the historic 1994 South African general election, which marked the end of apartheid and the dawn of democracy, Pahad became the Parliamentary Counsellor to then-Deputy President Thabo Mbeki. In 1999, following the general election, Pahad was appointed as the Minister in the Presidency, serving under Mbeki’s administration.

His tenure as Minister in the Presidency spanned nearly a decade and was marked by his unwavering commitment to promoting democracy, equality, and social justice.

When Thabo Mbeki resigned as President in September 2008, Pahad also tendered his resignation as Minister. Despite leaving the government, his impact and legacy continued to resonate within the political sphere and the broader society.

Beyond his political career, he contributed to preserving South Africa’s cultural heritage. Pahad served as the board chairman of the South Africa/Mali Timbuktu Manuscripts Trust.

He also chaired the board of trustees for the South African Democracy Education Trust, fostering educational initiatives to strengthen democratic values and civic participation in the country.

Pahad will be remembered as a dedicated freedom fighter, an astute politician, and a champion of democracy.

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