Battle lines drawn between ANC MP Mamabolo and sister-in-law

Boy Mamabolo, an ANC MP, has filed an R2-million defamation lawsuit against Isabella Kgaogelo Kganyago, his sister-in-law.

This is in response to reports that Kganyago made a “derogatory” voice note about Mamabolo, which was circulated on public platforms.

Kganyago calls Mamabolo, the chairperson of the Boy Mamabolo Foundation, a hypocrite and an abuser in a voice note, among other things.

Furthermore, she calls Mamabolo a pervert who prowls around seducing young girls, and wishes that the girl’s mothers could press charges against the politician.

In the voice note, Kganyago also accuses Mamabolo of mistreating his wife and chastising him for not even owning a car or additional pairs of shoes.

He is also characterised as an immoral person whose family does not want anything to do with him.

Reputation is at stake

Mamabolo quickly consulted his lawyers in response and decided to sue the relative. He emphasised that the public would believe such claims to be true if they went unchallenged.

Mamabolo said he was further motivated to take action against Kganyago to protect his family, noting that, as a public figure, he was used to “insults and public spats”.

However, his family does not deserve this kind of attention, he said.

“What pisses me and my wife off is that the voice note was sent on the 24th of January and was immediately responded to. We thought the matter was done and dusted,” he said.

“But because the accuser’s intentions were clear that she wanted to damage my reputation and standing in the community, she decided to release it.
“She shared it with third parties five days later, on the 29th of January, and onwards. Because, according to her, that was a ‘killer punch’.

Additionally, the politician said that the Boy Mamabolo Foundation also felt that its CEO and chairperson were being attacked.

This is so because serving children is one of the foundation’s main objectives, and he is accused of ill-treating his own children.

“We feed all our participants at the tournament with proper food. Next thing you say, ‘I’m failing to buy my own kids bread’.

“Wa bona net vir daai ding ya borotho [You see, based on that issue of bread]. We have decided to sue for every word said on that voice note,” he said.

Mamabolo’s family is also suing 

He said his family was also suing separately.

According to Mamabolo, his mother, through Ramusi Attorneys, demands an apology in video format. The MP and his foundation need no apology, as they consider the damage irreparable.

“Like we said before, if she fails to raise the required amount of R2-million for defamation, we will attach her property, salary, pension, and ultimately sequester her,” he said.

The Kovani Attorneys law firm is the legal representative for Mamabolo and the foundation.

It stated in a letter of demand that the vile voice notes were assassinating its client’s character, adding that the voice notes were dismantling Mamabolo’s credibility in the eyes of the public.

Risk of losing donors

The letter further states that such a defamatory act will make donors reluctant to support fundraising campaigns.

This is because they (the donors) are also familiar with social media platforms where the voice notes are circulating.

“Following the aforesaid defamation and detrimental impact thereof, we hereby, within the boundaries of our instruction, demand an amount of R1 000 000,” reads the letter in part.

The deadline for payment has since expired. Kganyago had not responded to Sunday World’s questions at the time of publishing.

  • The story will be updated once Kganyago’s comment has been received

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