Burna Boy gig organiser seeks order against ex-business partner

Nigerian superstar Burna Boy’s concert promoter and businessman Gregory Wings has accused his former business partner of harassing him and offering people money to kidnap him.

Wings alleges that Abraham Radebe also offered two people R50,000 to file criminal cases against him. He says Radebe, who is also known as Biblos, arranged to get hitmen to kidnap him and extort money from him for his release.

Filed a protection order

Wings filed a protection order at the Randburg magistrate’s court on Wednesday. In the order, he asked the court to keep Radebe from making any contact with him. Sunday World has seen the protection order. It requests the court to stop Radebe from contacting him through calls, text or WhatsApp.

Wings said Radebe started harassing him after he discovered that he stole R7,5-million from their business account for a fake construction project.

Missing company funds

“Abraham Radebe is my ex-business partner. I discovered [that] he stole R7,5-million from our business and opened a case of fraud against him. Since I opened a case, he has been making threats towards me. [He is] harassing my customers and business partners by making up lies about me being a criminal,” the order read.

“Radebe has harassed me by text, phone, e-mail and social media. He has recently tried to pay someone R50,000 to file a fake case against me,” Wings alleges.

Wings also added that Radebe has threatened to use his connections with powerful people in the ANC to make his life a living hell.

Fake cases against him

“He also offered two people R50,000 to open fake cases against me saying that I owe them R6million. Radebe offered the same people money to have me kidnapped and extort [me]. He offered them 20% of whatever they can take from me,” he added.

Wings also asked the police to seize two unlicensed firearms belonging to Radebe.

Radebe has not responded

Radebe had not yet responded to allegations made against him in the protection order application by Wednesday afternoon.

Wings is the man at the helm of a company that was responsible for bringing Burna Boy to South Africa last year for a concert. The music do did not happen. This after allegations of mismanagement of funds were levelled against his business partner.

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