‘Chasing posts has made DA to ignore Phala Phala scandal’

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba is calling on like-minded political parties to join forces and become the grand opposition against the “bogus” government of national unity (GNU).

The parties that want to come on board, according to Mashaba, should aim at building a non-racial society that despises corruption and considers crime a public enemy.

He said it was still premature to pinpoint parties that showed enough interest in forming opposition to the GNU.

He also expressed no interest in the Progressive Caucus, claiming that they showed more interest in joining the GNU and getting positions instead of holding people accountable.

Mashaba said neither he nor the party were oriented around the perks of office and positions but aimed high at building a non-racial society and an economically driven South Africa.

The party garnered six seats in the National Assembly. Mashaba and the national chairperson, Michael Beaumont, have excluded themselves from the seats.

Uninterested in politics of self-enrichment

Mashaba said he was uninterested in using politics for personal financial gain and did not expect ActionSA to even draft him a pay cheque.

“The ANC and DA grand coalition has been focused on positions, and we are not all about that. This chase for positions has made them turn a blind eye on the Phala Phala matter, as they say that they will not support any motion—I mean, even the dollars under the sofa,” said Mashaba.

“This is motivation to have a constructive opposition that will not support what they are trying to do and hold everyone accountable for their actions,” he added.

With the floor open to join forces, he said the door was closed for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), as he believes that their coalition would be a call for disaster.

He had worked with the EFF as a Johannesburg mayor under the DA and described his term as successful with the help of the EFF.

Water and oil

He said during his reign, it was with the help of the EFF that he managed to expropriate a number of buildings, but felt expropriation was only necessary when it was meant for public benefit.

“We are water and oil on a national level with the EFF because they have completely different policies from ours. They advocate for everything we are against. We cannot open borders whereas the country is still struggling with corruption, [undocumented] immigrants, and crime.

“I would rather stand for what I believe in than constantly change our policies to gain votes. My inability to compromise is my way of ensuring that we capture South African mindsets for the long term, and I am not in politics to play, I will be here until I die, and I will die knowing I stood for what is best for the country,” said Mashaba.

Mashaba said it was essential that parties that would like to join forces in opposing the “DA-ANC grand coalition” understand politics and not just say things when they are cornered.


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