Children rule the roost at luxurious Kallz Kids Spa

The term “my broke best friend” does not apply at Kallz Kids spa because this salon is dedicated to serving children only.

Founder Ray and Thandeka Mpala started the beauty spa for kids at Lambton in Germiston, Ekurhuleni, in 2021.

Kallz Kids Spa is a luxurious boutique spa that caters for children aged between one and 18. The business operates in a burgeoning kids spa industry that includes competitors like Mangwanani and Life Day Spa Kids, among others.

Speaking to Sunday World the couple says they focus on offering a wide range of quality therapeutic, fun pamper parties (sparties) for both male and female children.

“We also offer manicures/pedicures, massage, facials, waxing and make up for kids. We take the stress out of the occasion by managing it from start to finish. Nothing is left for the parent to do except have fun and enjoy your child’s spa day.

“We are also a hair, nails, waxing and beauty salon that caters specifically for young kids [including boys]. We have created an environment where children can be themselves, have fun with our various activities and create everlasting memories,” they say.

“Our all-inclusive bonding packages and Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me packages are designed to give you an experience like nothing you have ever witnessed before.

“Every detail and every moment is carefully curated to ensure you walk out with a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eye”, said the couple.

Birthday request by daughter started it all

The couple says just before Covid in 2020, before everything was closed down, their daughter requested for a spa-party for her ninth birthday.

“We searched around for a massage parlour that could assist us with this, unfortunately most of them only focused on adults and only limited facilities for kids. In this process we realised that most kids at her school were doing these pamper parties for their birthdays.

Seemed like an in thing and we saw an opportunity. We thought to ourselves if we struggled so hard to find great facilities for our daughter, we probably ain’t the only parents struggling. As entrepreneurs we saw a gap and knew this was a business opportunity.

We did our research, looked around for spaces and that’s how Kallz Kids Spa was born and rightly named after her”.

Asked how serving kids compares to serving adults,Ray says kids are the most fun clients to have.

“Whenever they come it’s always in high spirits and excited to be having a spa party. It’s is something new to most of them.

“We send a questionnaire to the parents prior to them coming in so we get to know the child better hence making it extra special for them as we tailor our packages to the child’s interests.

“On the same hand, we have always had the same reception from adults, impressed and enthusiasm. No parent ever resists a smile on their little ones face.

“Our focus is on the child and once we’ve got that right, the parents follow suit. We only struggle a bit with infants between 12 and 24 months. They are [often] restless and not really aware of what is happening.

Great community support

“Only a few that really enjoy the process but our staff are highly trained to understand babies and their needs when it comes to helping them relax,” Ray added.

Thandeka conclude: “We have received great support from our community in Lambton, Germiston.

“The schools around have played a role in spreading the word to the kids which has been helpful in our steady growth having opened just over a year ago”.

“We have noted though we need to get the word out more and not only depend on our immediate community.

“Most people are still not aware of the concept and it’s still a bit new hence social media is the centre of our marketing strategy.”

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